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Роберто Дюран Роберто Дюранпанамский боксер. В период с 1972 по 1990 гг. владел титулом чемпиона мира среди профессионалов в четырех весовых категориях.

First Impression

(A rock-n-roll star)

He turns on the animal
It's that time of day
Here comes little Johnny
From the back streets of the UK
He's got the answer
It doesn't go away
He's gonna treat you right
Yeah he's gonna change the world tonight

The lasting first impression
Is what you're looking for
I said oh, is that your first impression?
And is that good enough for you?

He don't want illusions
A power glory ride
Doesn't run with the neighborhood shadows
On a death trip bodyslide
He won't give up
And he won't give in
And he won't let up until
He gets inside your pretty skin


He turns on the animal
It's that time of day
To make a little honey
From the backstreets of the UK
And he loves the noise
And he loves to play
Just living here and now boys
Cuz tomorrow's on the way


Good enough for you
Good enough for you
Enough for you
And is that good enough for you?

The possibility
Seize the possibility
To seize the opportunity
To seize the possibility
To turn on the animal

(Chorus repeats)

Роберто Дюран

First Impression / Роберто Дюран

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