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 To Die For To Die ForФинская готик-рок и готик-метал-группа.

Acos De Dolor

A shattered man that's what I am
it never was the plan
drowned in lies with despise
bitterness is no surprise

I lost my future lost my hope
day by day I try to cope
emptiness spreads from within
the walls are closing in

just ignore me I don't care
if I die I am prepared

in years of hate I lost my everything
the only way is down
in tears of rage I drown my every sin
in tears of rage I drown

empty walls keep staring back
best friends that I ever had
to hell with all your sympathy
it's all the same to me

now it's too late
the walls are closing in

To Die For

Acos De Dolor / To Die For

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