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Dress Like A Target

Infamously marked by every generation known
Somehow they look like,the dicks from generations old
But the're new

No one in here is trusted
To kill everyone is to love everyone
Do what you can till your busted
Then keep the word,then keep the word

*Dress like a target*

Never to be trusted,to kill anyone is to love everyone
Rise up and never be busted
So keep the word,So keep the word

Infamously hated,kill every generation known
It's stupid that they look like,the generation fucking old
But the're new

The're new because the media says so
The're new becouse the media likes it
The're new because the media sucks up

Gro your hair,as long as a hippies
But we're not hippies
We're slippys
Like the manson family

Dress like a target (X2)

Target us,with massive and sweating hands
Target us,'cause in your minds i'm afraid you don't exist

We're rising up

Superjoint Ritual

Dress Like A Target / Superjoint Ritual

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