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I could have read
A poem called
To her instead

I lived for the moment
It was a futile
Gesture anyway
I was here
And she was here

And being broad
Of mind and hips
We did the only
Thing possible

I guess I shouldn't have strangled her to death
But I had to go to work and she had laced my coffee with acid

Normally I wouldn't have minded
But I'm allergic to sulphuric acid
Besides she had acne
And if you've got acne well I apologise for disliking it instensely.
But it's understandble that ugly people have got complexes
I mean it seems to me that ugly people don't have a chance

It's only the children or the fucking wealthy who tend to be good looking

An ugly fart
Attracks a good looking
Chick, if he's got money

An ugly fart
Attracks a good looking
Chick if he's got money

An ugly fart
Attracks a good looking
If he's got money

It's different for Jews somehow
I'd like to see
A passionate
Film between
The two ugliest
People in the world.
When I say ugly
I don't mean rough looking
I mean hideous

Don't tell me that
Aesthetics are
Subjective, you
Just know the truth
When you see it
Whatever it is

Power, muscle
Power, muscle
Power, muscle


Ugly / Stranglers

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