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 Рэйнбоу РэйнбоуБританско-американская рок-группа


If I'm high on a hill

She will still be booking down at me

What does she see

That brings her closer every day to my heart

If I'm away from home and think I'm all alone

She's there somewhere , I look around to see

And looking back at me, she's there beware

Creeping like a hungry cat

Seen it before Refrain 1

And I know it can wean that

The lady's starstruck, she's nothing but bad luck

The lady's starstruck running after me Refrain 2

The lady's starstruck, she's nothing but bad luck, yeah, yeah

I could fly to the moon

But she'd soon find a way to be there

I never knew for a while

That a smile made them really care

She wants a souvenir

To everyone it's clear

She's hooked one look

She wants a photograph Refrain 3

And everybody laughs

But not me 'cause I see

Refrain 2

Refrain 1

It used to be a game

Now I can;t repeat my name at all

She seems to believe that

I never can refuse her call

Refrain 3

Refrain 2


Starstruck / Рэйнбоу

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