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 Рэйнбоу РэйнбоуБританско-американская рок-группа



Dog night I'm so alone

A million miles out on my own

No one to talk no one to care

Searching for someone they could be anywhere

Magic and madness it's so very strange

Sometimes I think it's all pre-arranged

That same old feeling hits me again

Just the beginning but it feels like the end

Oh feel like I'm stranded out here

Oh I think I might disappear

No don't leave me stranded out here

Oh it's just the loneliness I fear

Lonely window fading star

You never felt so near yet so far

Tried to forget you the bet that I could

Don't try to find me it won't do any good

I'm caught in a dream so hard to locate

I'm just a captive of my own fate

No turning back no not tonight

You're moving on way out of sight


Stranded / Рэйнбоу

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