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 Рэйнбоу РэйнбоуБританско-американская рок-группа

Stand And Fight


Can't say something if the words ain't there

What you trying to do

Money can't buy me out of trouble I'm in

I've been messing with the likes of you

Been so long since I left my home

Looks like I lost my way

Tried so hard just to make it work

You just turn around and walk away

Something's got to give, I ain't gonna leave

Time to dig down deep

If you wanna get out of this town alive

You gotta stand and fight

So infuriating the way you twist my words

I know you got your problems, it seems every day

That they're getting much worse

I hear you screaming for attention

You say your life's a mess


Stand And Fight / Рэйнбоу

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