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 Рэйнбоу РэйнбоуБританско-американская рок-группа

Hunting Humans (Insatiable)


Justify, speak the lies, close your eyes

As we make love

Touch my skin, let the fun begin, once again

I hear your cries, rise oh rise

Feel the nails, tell tales trails across my spine


Silken kiss, on a night like this, who would miss

Our final hour

Closer still, close your eyes, see my world, it's animal


Velvet glove, unrequited love, find the words

And make them rhyme

One last dance, hypnotizing trance, a knowing glance

I love you

Closer still, lose your will, see my world, it's criminal


Hunting Humans (Insatiable) / Рэйнбоу

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