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Тори Эймос Тори ЭймосАмериканская певица, пианистка, композитор и автор песен


Sure that star can twinkle
And you're watching it do
Boy so hard boy so hard
But I know a girl twice as hard
And I'm sure
Said I'm sure
She's watching it too
No matter what tie she's got
In her right dresser
I know she's watching that star
Gonna twinkle
Gonna twinkle
Gonna twinkle

And last time I knew
She worked at an abbey in iona
She said 'i killed a man t
I've gotta stay hidden in this abbey'
But I can see that star
When she twinkles
And I sure can
That means
I sure can

That means
I sure can
So hard
So hard

Тори Эймос

Twinkle / Тори Эймос

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