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What is it to me this time?
We're just whores on the fucking assembly line!
Believe me, I was there
Take what I want, and get the fuck out of here

And trains won't...stop me!
Trains won't...stop me

Johnny's been a very bad boy (3x)
Johnny's been a very bad...

This door is so high
My life is oblivious to you,and
The sun hurts my eyes
But remember, you are not god!

And trains won't...stop me!
Trains won't...stop...

And you look at me
See through me
I am nothing to you
You look at me!
See through me!
I am nothing to you!

What does it wanna be?
You love you, not me!
Even with my eyes I take it in!
Destroy this in me!
But if you want one,
One will go down
Fighting for...you!


Jonny / Kittie

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