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Po Nigga Blues

i gotta work with what you gave me
claiming i'm a criminal,when ur the one that made me
they got me trapped in this slavery
now i'm lost in this holocast, heading for my grave G
i told sam he could fuck the war
and got a busted jaw for saying fuck the law
and if you wonder why i'm mad check the record
wats a nigga gotta do to get respected
sometimes i think i'm gettin tested
and if i dont say yes,a nigga is quick to get arrested
thats the reason i stay ??zested??
i keep a vest on ma chest
incase the cops r gettin restless
walking around ready to light shit up
and since my life is fucked
some say i'm slightly nutz
buck buck is the sound as i move by
other niggas pay attention when a fool busts
they make a nigga be a killer
i use to be a dealer but they wonder see whos realer
now the same muthafuckas wanna murder me
and i wonder if the lord ever heard of me
i need loot so i'm doing wat i do
and dont say shit till u walk in ma shoes
there was no other destiny to chose
i had nothing left to lose
so now i'm singing nigga blues


papa need brand new shoe but wat the fuk can a nigga do
my little boy gotta eat too
so why must i sock a fella
just to live large like Rockfellac
and did u ever stop to think
i'm old enough to go to war
but i aint old enough to drink
cops wanna hit me with the book
and ur hooked on my i dont give a fuck look
make the rules imma brake'em
no matter how much u make'em imma brake'em
u show me bacon and imma take'em
so dont you ever tempt me
i'm a fool for mine nigga and my pockets stay empty
and to my brothers in the ???????
your living ur life worst than the niggas in the ghetto soil
i give a fuck bout ur language or complection
u got love from the niggas in my section
you problems with the punk police
dont run from the chumps get the pump from me
we aint free, i be damed if i played a trik
for a blonde hair,blu eyed, cocation bitch
down with my homeboy rich
fuck a snitch and the groupie ass bitch
and the nigga with the celluar phone
leave his baby at home so he could go out and bone
and you wonder why we blazing niggas
cuz u punks havin babies can't raise the niggas
and they bound to be fuck ups too
drinkin 40's and brew
sining nigga blues

Тупак Шакур

Po Nigga Blues / Тупак Шакур

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