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Julie Don't Live Here

I wander through a town
A town I new so well but it seems so strange
The wind blows cold
I remember when I thought your street was paved with gold
I walked along the street
A street I walked along many times before
The things have changed
Everything I knew was gone or rearranged

Chorus: julie don't live here anymore
She moved away many years before
How can it be, this I can't believe
Julie don't live here anymore

I walked up to your door
Last night I saw your face in the window
But it was different now
The lonely light where we used to be quite gone

I though about your smile
Your laughing eyes and the things you said to me
I felt so sorry for you
For all the nights we spent hanging around with nothing else to do



Julie don't live here anymore
Julie don't live here anymore
Julie don't live here anymore

Electric Light Orchestra

Julie Don't Live Here / Electric Light Orchestra

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