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 Bad Religion Bad ReligionАмериканская панк-рок-группа

21st Century

I can't believe it,
The way you look sometimes,
Like a trampled flag on a city street,
Oh yeah,
And I don't want it,
The things you're offering me,
Symbolized bar code quick id,
Oh yeah,
I'm a 21st century digital boy,
I don't know how to live (or read)
But I've got a lot of toys,
My daddy is lazy middle class intellectual,
My mammy's on valium,
She's so ineffectual,
Ain't life a mystery?

I can't explain it,
The things they're saying to me,
Going yayayayayayaya,
Oh yeah,
I tried to tell you about no control,
But now I really don't know,
And then you told me how bad you had to suffer,
Is that really all you have to offer?

Bad Religion

21st Century / Bad Religion

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