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Leaders & Followers

Grey skies and crippled thoughts
Abandoned veins of human stream
Synthetic trees, dead since birth
Alas, this is the only picture you've ever seen

From the top of divine pyramid
The Almighty Eye beholds, Lord's mouth ruined in laughter
His slaves, these poor beings, build on a giant structure
A madman once named "society"...
Mass burial pit
And wicked tyrant's throne

Grasping the jaws
In agony and pain
Still, you're craving to reach
The guiding star of power
The golden idol, the blood-brother

Now you've reached the top
Leading all the mere mortals
Pitifully, you only follow a will for power –
Your primeval instinct and cardinal desire

So curse me, hate me
Me, who never longed for power
Even for the sake of order
Me, who bring it all at the altar of 'haersis'
Me, who never was
Follower or leader.

Mind Eclipse

Leaders & Followers / Mind Eclipse

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