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Titanium Cromlech

Beneath the blackened skin of the Earth
In emptiness of subterranean caves
In sores covered by sand
Where no life-forms seem to have remained

Only in the harp of winds which blows
Through the arches and columns of stone
Where memories about the clash of Magog
Survive to echo in the human tomb

But centuries later the extinguished flames
Will resurrect again
Bringing a new colony of parasites
To populate the dead terrain

And out of ruins of the perished ones
There will arise a new culture of cells
New altars will be built, new creatures will be spawned
But their lot I've already foretold

New wisdom they'll learn
New technologies will be perfected
But nothing will changed it for me
For soon your fears and your feelings will be in my claws
But my nature is never revealed

Vainly searching salvation with the help of your minds
Once, when my servant is set blaze
In spite of the stone Cromlech Titanium one will rise
Beyond the horizon is the end of the vicious era you'll realize
The sign that yet another coil of time has been completed

Hellhound-like flames of war, in which
You'll burn for immolation upon my altar
Will light the path to me
In the great clash which will repeat again
Knee-deep in own blood you'll find the true agony of pain

Embossed on the cold steel pillars
The Runes of antiquity once will become alive
And will reveal their meaning for thee
The Tragic finale which will become your destiny
Is only a step to rejoin me, a step to set me free

The Time's clear scents of great disease
From the skin of the Earth
And buried carcasses of previous life
The Flames burnt out, but not for very long
I will be waiting for the dawn of new epoch
When all repeats again as centuries ago
As it once was in the distant past..

Mind Eclipse

Titanium Cromlech / Mind Eclipse

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