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Formula Of God

I can see a crowd of people
Move about like engine gears
Move like planets bound to their orbits
Minds tamed by their instincts

That sadly are too weak to see the turns Life river takes
Or principles and laws of Universal ocean

Within a grey mass of steel I see
A blue glow of electric sparks

Flickering over and over
They are mediators
They link the higher knowledge bank
With the rest of the machine

They descend to us time and again
Keeping the giant heart abeat
With impulses of herecies
That always pass unnoticed
Their destiny is to burn out in a flash

Nothing may appear from out of nowhere
And nobody can fade into thin air

Though yet to come alive in another dimension
I guess through reasoning that somewhere
They make up another machine
More perfect, with no power wasted to resist repulsion
The self-sufficient mechanism of God

Mind Eclipse

Formula Of God / Mind Eclipse

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