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Legacy Of Cain

All my nightmares back again – scared to go to sleep
They come and torture me at night, awake my dormant fears

Time after time, again and again

I am haunted by an image of a weeping maiden
Whispering her ghastly words:
No hope remains! No hope remains!!!

No hope remains to redeem the sin of murder

No chance to evade the fate
That will be dealt to human kind

Not in the ancient books or scrolls

Lives the damnation
But in your blood that fills your veins
And in your thoughts

Not buried in the ruble of past virtues

But in the dark uncharted recesses of your mind

In a ghostly shadow of Erebus it will arise

And dim your eyes to a shade of evil

Anticipating punishment you turn

Your gaze upon the skies
Or seek it in the depths of the Earth
But all to no avail

For your demise is much more closer to you

It's in your hands. O, descendant of Cain!
In the hands of a creature that calls itself Human

One day the words will sound within your brain

The words you hadn't heard before –
The testament of Cain to his abiding sons

The sword of words is wielded

By the enlightened one
It could be painful but effective cure
With potency to save you from this plague

Alas! To those were born deaf and blind

This cure is vain
And you soon will perish as a species
Drowned in the blood of your pointless wars

And there will be no one left

Mind Eclipse

Legacy Of Cain / Mind Eclipse

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