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The Unanimated

Can I prevail over death?
Can I bring back the already departed?
Can I wrestle one out of the Grim Reaper's grip?
What is life after all, but a scene in a play
In a theater of anatomic cliches
With a master puppetteer pulling on the strings

I cast my spell to gods and demons

Challenge the infinity
A fugitive amidst the mortals
Pariah in the realm of souls
I mourn the passing of my dear beloved

The creatures spawned by nightmares

Of decomposing flesh and carcasses exposed
They dwell within, consuming my mentality

The reek of countless murders

Penetrates my thoughts
Digging deep into my brain
With its iron claws

And I know the only deed that can bring salvation

Is to reverse the destiny and rearrange the past
Tonight I will reanimate my dear beloved, untimely lost

Exhume the body from the grave

And turn her tomb into a cradle of new life
With my lust and semen I'll inject my living fire
To see her move again, respond to my desire

But in her eyes I see no spark of recognition...

No living soul resides within this empty shell

No blood stream flows to warm the frigid flesh
The words that slip her lifeless lips – as chilling as her breath
No mortal can cheat death!

It's not my love, I realize, I've resurrected...

I've just reanimated the undead!

Mind Eclipse

The Unanimated / Mind Eclipse

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