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Kyur4 Th Ich

I'd like to introduce (echo fade)

In your (echo)

In your (being scratched)

In your sound institute of invention

and revival of audio weapon systems.

Let's try (being scratched)

Let's try something else.

Folks we have a very special guest for you tonight (echo fade)

BREAK IT DOWN! Cut it up! Using the waves of sound.

A true master paralyzes his opponent leaving him

vulnerable to attack...

Mr. Hahn..

(Let's hear it for the great Mr. Hahn)

And now for a lesson in r-r-rhythm m-m-m-management...

L-l-l-let's begin

All right now, wasn't that fun?

Let's try something else...

Linkin Park

Kyur4 Th Ich / Linkin Park

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