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Элмор Джеймс Элмор ДжеймсАмериканский блюзовы гитарист, певец

Mean And Evil

Sentimental sucks
Romantic rots
Domestic death
Happiness hell
I hate people and their ugly faces
You hate things and also places
You're so mean
I'm so evil
What's the matter with me?
Nothing's the matter with me
We're the only ones
That are really free
I'm not faithful
You don't come home
I don't care
You don't share
You're so mean
I'm so evil
I don't need you
You don't call me
I don't miss you
You don't hug me
You're so mean
I'm so evil

Элмор Джеймс

Mean And Evil / Элмор Джеймс

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