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Клементе Родригес Клементе РодригесАргентинский футболист, левый защитник клуба «Колон».

Trouble In Mind (Version 2)

Trouble in mind, I'm blue,
but won't be blue always
'Cause the sun's gonna shine,
in my back door some day

I'll gonna lay my head,
on a lonesome railroad line,
and let the 2:19 pacify my mind

I'm all alone at midnight,
and my lamp is turning low
Never had so much trouble in my life before

I'll gonna lay my head,
on that lonesome railroad track
But when I hear that whistle, Lord, I'm gonna pull it back

You've been a hardheaded daddy,
and you sure treat me unkind
I'll be a hardheaded mama, I swear I'll make you lose your mind

I'm going down to the river,
take along my rocking chair
And if the blues don't leave me, I'll rock on away from here

Look here, sweet mama,
see what you have done
You made me love you, now your regular man done come

Trouble in mind, I'm blue,
trouble on my worried mind
When you see me laughing, I'm laughing just to keep from crying

Клементе Родригес

Trouble In Mind (Version 2) / Клементе Родригес

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