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Ван Моррисон Ван МоррисонСеверо-ирландский автор-исполнитель

Shake It Mable

Shake it mable.
You look so good.
Everytime you shake it, mable.
Hey mable,
A-where ya' gonna shake it, mable?
I'm goin' down to shake it down funky broadway, baby.
Can I come along with you?
No you can't.
I'm gonna shake it all over funky broadway, baby.
Hey mable, can I come down to funky broadway, baby?
I wanna come along with you.
I wanna come down to funky broadway, mable.
Maybe you and me get together and get screwed, baby.
Funky broadway, yeah.

Ван Моррисон

Shake It Mable / Ван Моррисон

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