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True Lies

Cameras flashing snoop interviewing bill clinton
Yo hold on hold on hold on hold on
Stop the cameras stop the press stop the press
Now bill this yo' nigga snoop dogg
Now answer me this did you fuck that bitch or what

Bill clinton
That's actually not the first time that question's been asked but
Since I believe and I think any person reasonable person would
Believe that that is not covered in the definition of sexual
Relations I was given ahh I'm not going to answer it except to
Refer to my statement I had intimate contact with her that was
Inappropriate I do not believe any of the contacts I had with
Her violated the definition I was given therefore I believe i
Did not do anything but testify truthfully on these matters

Chorus one kokane
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie sometimes
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie hie
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie sometimes
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie hie

Chorus two snoop dogg
Lies lies stories and alibis
Big mac in the land of the small fries
Everyone lies and tries to get by
Some of us drink while most just get high

Snoop dogg
You tryin to cover up the holes in your sneakers
You need to put your motherfuckin face to the speakers ba bom ba bom
And quit tryin to run from it holla holla at me
And c'mere you big dummy dumb ass nigga
Don't you know you can't run from the dizzogg
I'm down with za the long arm of the lizzaw
Y'all niggaz know what's happening you turn your back again
And I'm bound to get it crack a lin I'm back again
And everybody happy for me ain't that the truth
That's a motherfuckin lie fuck that fool
Black folks stick together til we die hmm
That'll be the day

Chorus one

Snoop dogg
Liar liar pants on fire
Smoke so much dope they call me snoopy pryor well God damn
Which way is up I'm tryin to get higher
I won't stop puffin til I re tire
My bitches my niggaz they off the wire
They love ly they love me call me sire
Movie star bitches the ones you desire
Angela bassett tyra mariah the flyest the flyer
See most bitches like fuckin with a rider
Slider to the sider invite her
To a gangsta party provider laughing
With a lot of meat by products mm
And beat the puddy pot and got up
She licked the dick from the top to the bottom
Woo woo woo woo that's a bad bitch
Then she grabbed me by my nuts and said hmm I got 'em

Chorus one
Chorus two

Kokane scats and ad libs to the music

Ah what's the use of the truth
If you can't tell a lie sometimes

Снуп Догг

True Lies / Снуп Догг

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