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 Снуп Догг Снуп Догггангста-рэппер



Girls in the background
Snoop snoop snoop

Hell yah mutha fuckin yah
What up niggaz and niggets
Back acha with some of that real shit
And they say you cant keep a top dogg down


Bow wow

And I'm sendin this one out to the uhh gangsters the ridahs the ladies the playas and the macks
Now this is what I want y'all to do for me
Kick back and blaze one up to this shit
Y'all know who the fuck I am

But if ya dont
Im s n double o p
Yes I am

Im s n double o p child
Yes I am

Im s n double o p
Hell yah baby

Snoopy snoopy
Sing it girls

Say my name bitch

Снуп Догг

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