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Come Tomorrow

Could it be the season's changin'
the winds of winter rearranging
all the leaves like fallin' queens of sorrow
Could be the freezing rain a-fallin'
could be sad September callin'
or maybe its knowin' she'll be gone
Come tomorrow

Well, it's strange how many tortured mornings
fell upon us with no warning
lookin' for a smile to beg and borrow
It's over now, there is no returning
a thousand bridges sadly burning
and light the way I have to walk alone
Come tomorrow

I guess that no amount of lying
to myself will stop the crying
I guess I have to take things like they are
The facts are plain to see, it's only
that I ain't used to being lonely
like I'm gonna be without you
Come tomorrow

Come tomorrow

Манфред Манн

Come Tomorrow / Манфред Манн

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