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Марк Энтони Марк ЭнтониИсполнитель Сальсо в сочитании латиноамериканской экзотикой.

I'm Tired

Of all the times you walked away
There's never been a day
When you've cried so long
Yet seem so strong
I know this ain't your way
I can't imagine what he's done
To make you feel this way
Girl, you're losing sight
You'll stay out all night
I guess this is your way of saying


I'm tired of trying
And I'm tired of lying
I know I've been smiling
But inside I'm dying
I'm tired of faking
That my heart's not aching
I can't stay
No way

Repeat chorus

I always knew this day would come
So I guess now's the time to say
Girl, this world to me so that you can see
It should've always been this way
You've lived some sad and lonely days
But now they're in the past
??cause you're here with me
Seeing this could be
Girl I guess this is your way

Repeat chorus 2x

I'm tired
I guess this is your way

Repeat chorus 4x

Марк Энтони

I'm Tired / Марк Энтони

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