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Stabbed By Touch

Sightless as ever
Normally kind
A cripple husband
Tried eye for eye
Giving vent to offence
A reinstated eminence
Made amends in a sense
Challenging means and ends

Winsome and precious
A frivolous maid
Had kept him waiting
That freaky mole
He ambushed a missile push
Of stratified jealousy
A biting clutch, a ruby smudge
An outrageous lunacy

An inner hound, blood to mount
A sticky tongue, an open mouth
Greedy want of the horned
Utmost harm, an alarm


Stubborn convulsions
Agonized shrieks
Fearful vengeance
A pegging out chick
Gaping wounds, reeling looms
A stone-blind injury
A mind collapse, a relapse
Punitive dispatches

Fulsome haunts, fretful taunts
A rowdy wheeze, an instant squeeze
That flirty sludge was stabbed by touch
A throat gap, a stained flap


Stabbed By Touch / Grenouer

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