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Alone In The Dark

I'm alone in the dark
Cast and lost off the track
Left to be strong
How much I loan
With the heaviest heart
The thick unfaltering pall
Is hiding out my call
No one to find over a tide
In the languor and fall

Ugly feelings, be my own
A certain kneeling, I'm alone
Take my fever, lap down moans
The flesh of sorrow – endless roams

The trap for keepers of pride
Rigid spirits to bind
Fusing to shame
Ma glistering fame
The shroud you're gonna twine
I'm alone in the storm
All alone when it comes
Shrewd as it is
Twisters and hiss
Are overriding the mourn

Gods of anger smash high hopes
Thus encumber full response
Skies above are jaildome
Nightmares are leaving me alone
In the dark...


Alone In The Dark / Grenouer

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