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The Riddle Of Steel

The riddle oughtest remain a riddle
Unraveled so far

Flames and winds make from the sky
From unearthly gods
While thine God is an earthly God
Thou wilt reverence

Once the giants dwelt in the gardenworld
Thro the gulf of chaos fooled the earthly God

Subject thievery was done with unholy whoop
Rattled CROMM to return the riddle of steel

Flames and spiry winds reached the vain giants
Threw them into waters laving raging hate

Fighting down left the God what He should have kept
We, just men by fortune found the riddle of steel

No one you ever trust, not males, not beasts
The sword you trust, its caress
The Steel and Flesh quest

Ashes trampled down
Blood was sinking slow
In a trice appeared merciless assassins

No one knows why they came
Armored to the teeth
Steel or Murder was their aim or there was no aim

Their leader rode south
Kids were driven North
The threnody is leaving mouths
All the tribe is lain

Makes us stronger that which kills
The source from which we flow
Honeyed glory!
The sweetest flame heaps upon our names


The Riddle Of Steel / Grenouer

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