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Murda 4 Life

Ja rule-
It's murda, it's murda, uh
It's murda, yeah, yeah, uh
It's murda, yeah
It's murda, ya heard, nigga?
It's murda, yo, it's murda
It's murda

(chorus) x2
Ja rule-
Niggas live wit it, money drugs and murda for life
Bitches deal with it, only lovin' them hoes for the night
If your feeling it, get high, it's alright
But you can't get it, until the day of my demise

Tah murda-
Playa, playa, it's murda, murda for life
With silencers, hurtin' 'em right
Leavin' them numb, like persian white, darken the light
Bitch niggas- I don't scheme on them, I just lean on them
Cock-eyed benz, butter leathers with four screens on them
Ever since, got these siamese mami's knowing me 'nani
The same birds who have nerve to fly by me
I'ma ball, like get it off for sure
Brawl til I can't raw no more, kickin' your dog for raw
When it's all set and done, my duns get it on and bubble
]from the night to morn', from dusk til dawn
And if I wasn't with inc, with murda
Would you broads drive with me?
Draw guns, side-to-side with me?
Mine's real, and I ain't comfertable til I see a mil'
Or a mansion in beverly hills
We heavily steal, so get up, we bag coke then split it up
Post niggas up on the wall, like, what? ! get up!
And target practice like niggas a sittin' ducks
If you sittin' trunk, then prepare, prepare to get stuck

(chorus) x2

Ja rule-
Fuck the world cause it ain't quite ready me
I'm living my life niggas take a look at these eyes
Witness what it is to be real niggas
Guns, drugs, hot slugs, coke runs, want some, get some
Bad enough buy some nigga
Fucking around with ja and bleek and get hit up
Tearing your whole clique then we clip up
Nigga that's what, them murderers, nigga, that's us
What the fuck, is you ready to die right now, nigga?
Know you feelin' my style, nigga
Run wit nothing but wild brooknam and queens isle niggas
Hit 'em, any nigga that breath, rule riddle 'em wit hot one
Ain't no nigga like me, who you riding wit?
Rolling nuttin' but hot shit
Yo bitch, my bitch
Only difference is bitches on my dick blow dick
How I cock spread hit, ho's love that shit, you celibate
I'll turn you into the freakiest bitch
Have you topless dance in bars naked for dollars
Y'all bitches know what my style is
Always in some foul shit, rule bitch
Let the world know
When I spit nothing but that murderous, live wit it
It's murda

(chorus) x2

Black child-
Uh huh
What the god
Black child
Yeah, uh, what, bring it to 'em
Uh huh
What the god?

Yeah, we here now, don't get scared now
It's the murderers about to tear shit down
Touch the town, bless the world, undress your girl
Fuck your moms, we make bellow on bronze
Cuz when I pell these arms, just spit these guns
We gon' split yo' ones, and you know the outcome
Inc. coming, get some, nigga squeeze the pump
Nigga breathes when we dump, what the fuck y'all want? !

Ja rule-
None of me cuz I hit them with too much style
And my energy got the nigga creatin' little me
I'ma lock game, squeeze
Know that it's my time, if I leave here, breathe
Niggas hatin' on mines, i'ma nightmare
Niggas better prepare to die
And deal with ja, holla, and murda for life!

(chorus) x2

It's murda, it's murda
It's murda, it's murda
It's murda, it's murda
It's murda, it's murda
It's murda, it's murda
It's murda, uh, uh
We out

Джа Рул

Murda 4 Life / Джа Рул

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