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Second to None

Hello, are you looking for me?
I'm the one to ease your pain
Just call me 'doctor' and I'll prescribe cocain
I am your reason to live
I'm your church and I'm your pastor
C'mon, you've got nothing to lose
It's time to bring you up a little faster
It's not the first time that you've taken the bait
You don't need anyone cause I will be your soul mate
C'mon and taste me, I'll take you where you want to go
Let's fly to the mountains, you can bury yourself in the snow
It's time to kill, lets have some fun
You'll fight, I'll win, cause I'm second to none
You need me and I want you cause I'm the devils son
You'll fight, I'll win, cause I'm second to none
Welcome to my world, I hope you see there's no way out
Just look around you, I'll take you higher so just scream
Sceam it out
I am your reason to live, I'm the power that runs in the veins
You can bet your ass, I'll take you down but
You've only yourself to blame


Second to None / Annihilator

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