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Above The Law

All right

I know the shit is fly

I know Dre didn't do the motherfucka

But it ain't right unless

I'm rappin on this muthafucka

(DJ Total K-Oss)

You got something for it?

(Eazy E)

You gotdang right I got something for it

I got the motherfucka right here in my pocket!

Give me a motherfucking beat.

Batter up

And let me hit you with some crazy ass

Shit Welcome

To the E's bottomless pit

As I play the role of the executioner

Labelled by a bee sting as a murderer

Yes the menace of all

Back in the book no less of World Guiness

Still smokin mother fukcas you see

Cuz theres only one E-A-Z-Y-E

And I'm kicking the Chronic

On this ATL LP

So one motherfuckin two

Motherfuckin threee

All you punk bitches

Better respect me as a gee

Cuz I got tha dope sack

And thats without a motherfuckin doubt

And when shit hits the fan

Its outta my mouth

With the gangsta shit

Boy you crazed

And if you got the budha

Then motherfucker blaze

And hit it for the city of Compton

Shots go out to those

That remain foes

Cuz I like to be the motherfuckin underdog

And if we got beef

[bullets spraying sound]

Then leap like a frog

I used to be the quicker picker

Of a bitch

But I took recess

And its time to break out

Thats how I earn my dap

And its always on if a nigga

Wanna scrap

And you don't stop!


Yeah yeah

That was cool E

But we gotta let Kokane

Up in here

So he can do his thing.


Above The Law / Eazy-e

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