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24 Hours To Live

24 hours to live...

24 hours to live...

Seven thousand four hundred twenty three grains

of sand drop from the hourglass

It's how much time I got left on this planet

Some motherfucker's gotta die!

I'm an evil motherfucker ready to tear shit up

I'm gonna put these things on you and never let up

See my momma...she was wrong when I was born

That a nigga like E should'a never been born

Too late, big mistake in '72

It's '92, now the year of code blue

15 hours..11 minutes..30 seconds

I'm a motherfuckin' wreck

Gonna pay back niggas who did me wrong in the past

My days ain't long

I'm comin' strong and fast

Lock up 8 niggs..kill up 10 pigs

??? and fuckas are ?altered? by a 2

Now what else can I do?

Fuck, fuck, fuck and plant my seeds

Leavin' kids in this world like me

The lunatic psycho mutherfucka Eazy-E

Chorus (sang)

24 hours to live

But I don't wanna die

24 hours to live

Oh why, oh why?

Must die

Sky diving, scuba diving

To Evil Kinevil stunt car drivin'

Bungee cord jumpin' off a bridge

It's hard to breathe with a fractured rib

I can't take this shit

Let me see how much more time I got to spend

Hit more skins

Back up in her pussy

Up in the back

I gotta let off

A few more nuts

I'm starting to panic

I'm starting to sweat

'Cause I don't really wanna die yet

Dizzy spells, flashbacks in my head

Niggas ain't want me to bein' happy when I'm dead

But I ain't goin' out unless 30 niggas die

I'm dying anyway so I'm thinking suicide

Run into a crowd of niggas dyin' by the pistol

Took the motheruckin' whistle


To sweep with the feet when he hit the concrete

Chop him up, dice him up and sacrifice his meat

Drag him by his ankles to the cemetary


Shut the fuck up nigga

'Cause you ain't seen shit

I'm 'bout to take this ???? and staight up grip

I'm holdin' the neck of the devil and drink his blood

Allowing my soul to be polluted by his evil root

And now I'm mad insane, red as ???? as I strain for my hearbeat

To thumpety-thump to pump, it might burst

False alarms, and no harm that will commit to the E

But now I'm down to an hour 23

Time is moving fast, but not that slow

I thought I had an hour, but it's seconds left the go

I ran into the office

No more time is left

I ran up to the doctor with a bomb to my (BOOM)



As I lay me down to sleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep

As time winds down to it's last 24 hours

in an earth that weighs 60 trillion tons

Travelling 1,037 1/3 mph, how do you define time?

What is a minute?

How important is an hour when 24 hours becomes a lifetime

Oooooh, so define how do we define time?

Now you choose

How will you spend your last 24 hours?

C'mon..talk to me

3X Chorus ("must die" is faded into next chorus loop)


24 Hours To Live / Eazy-e

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