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 Eazy-e Eazy-eрэппер и шоумен

Neighborhood Sniper

featuring Cold 187um Kokane Zig Zag

[Eazy E]

First up high on a roof top

like a bird I'm havin' evil thoughts

a black hood covers my face

and death flows through my mind at it's own pace

sometimes I feel like a super hero

urgin' to free my kind

I'm so accurate

I shoot ya heart with a dime

now I'm back to the moral of my tale

I see a victim and then my thoughts fail

my minds still fumblin' with the present slavery

I'm here to save you but who's to save me

I hold my strap so long that my palms all wet

I put finger on the fit and then the side a check

I make the kill here's the deal

after the trigger's pulled then the death is sealed

so it's the shots that sing out like a piper

everyones scared I'm the neighborhood sniper



So my boy is a snitch

I put my gun up to his head

and simply scared the bitch boo

being the E ya know I'm thinkin' devious thoughts

take off ya clothes nigga and here comes a plot

his bitch was scared she made a move I pulled the trigger

now the rumors rare

now there's nothing left but a snitch

here's a four leaf clover punk make a wish

one [*Shot*] two [*Shot*] three strikes your out

this nigga is dead and now I'm lookin' for a window

I made my escape the cops chase

duckin' to an alley so they don't recognize my face

the boy had to pay the piper

so they all stayin' fair of a neighborhood sniper



I'm Doin' dirt as I continue my mission

killin' all fools as an addiction

as a E lovin' the game leavin a shame

and in my heart I feel no muthafuckin' pain

because my heart is cold as I was told

and my A.K.47 I stand bold

rippin' up shit with the fury of my gun shot

pop pop pow as I watch the muthafucka drop

lovin' the site as the blood spill

take a photograph, to keep in my hard as I was sayin' calm

and never hyper as I succeed in my mission

I be a neighborhood sniper



Neighborhood Sniper / Eazy-e

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