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In Memory Of You

Just close yor eyes
And feel the silence.
And do what I expect from you.
Forget your violence.
I'll go and search for something new...

One little thing
From yesterday
A leaf of grass in an ashtray
Infinity of lonely life
It will remind me anyway

In memory of you
I will build a tower
In memory of you
Made of stone and glass
In memory of you
I will use my power
To remind myself
The power of the grass
In memory of you...

I'll keep my time
Just 'till the morning
And feel the snowflakes in your bed
I'll newer give the final warning
The answer's allways in my head

One little thing
I'll newer know,-
How leaves of grass became the show
And nothing in your eyes can make me stay
I'm leaving anyway...


In Memory Of You / Технология

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