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Can't Stop

[verse 1]
Macauly culkin, home alone lustin
Tuesday night we stop by justin's
Check the scene, immaculate
Grab the bottle from the bar and dismantle it
Who you wit, spot a chick for my man to get
She a big body girl, I can handle it
Cuz my money blow 'em
If I had the voice of my man sisqo, I could see the thong
But I'm not so I flash the yacht master
And the gold seal so I can get it faster
Eye contact, said my name onasis
Check myself from catching hot flashes
This girl is just too much
Quench my thirst wit a glass of, puffy punch
And that's the real, I'm the realest nigga ever seen
Fuck a gun, stop me, try a laser beam

Chorus 2x: dave hollister
Where we goin, goin
How we movin, movin
What we doin, doin
Who she bouncin wit? keep bouncing
Can't stop movin, movin, movin keep bouncing
[can't stop groovin, groovin, groovin]

[verse 2]
Yo, same night, shit's right, glide down the block
Club cheetahs, the other spot, uh
It should be closed, fubu had a a-list fashion show
I bought the hoe, you know!
Inside, deborah cox, ll cool...
J, broads hangin off the barstools
Uh, I'm the shit, I break down to any figure
Trick 'em you don't know nann nigga
Uh, around the chicks I flash the bread
Never, ever get over my head, I front instead, trust me
Me, I won't risk it
I do it all for the nookie like fred from limp bizkit
So I snooze 'em, seven day yacht cruise 'em
Do what I want to and then lose 'em
For real, me and my squad's off the hook
Case closed, end of story, close the book


[verse 3]
I hate e so much right now
I don't give a fuck, I be like ch ch blau!
Gettin hoes with asses like wow
Laughin at y'all how you like me now, uh
I get the money baby, ain't nothin funny baby
Carrots are for bugs bunny baby
To each his own, I rock til the spot is blown
Club hoppin, once again it's on


Def Squad

Can't Stop / Def Squad

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