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 Darzamat Darzamatрок-группа


I saw the tree at the night
Which with his colour was killing the most sublime feelings in me
And the rain led me by the furthest corridors of the dreams
To show the pearls of people's minds
To strip the symbols

It was so long ago when the flashes of lighting
Were listening to the scrteam of the thunder

Staying in an eternal trance i don't cry
Looking at i don't understand the fear
I climb the clouds of mysteries
Finding the relief, finding the lost feelings

Surrounded all around with immensty drops
Esteeming over all the taste of life
It's misteries secrets and moments of trances
I am swimming across impossible to preform confessions
To perish stripped naked among an ugliness of conscience
Finding my shadows which still coincide
In the beginning and the end


Legend? / Darzamat

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