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 Darkwell Darkwellрок-группа


As the beings spawned
dulcet offspring's, the fruit
heavens children saw them in the dawn
their lust enraged their blood

The leader knew of the guilt
plenty to share, they swore an oath
on maledictions it was build
they descended from heaven in innocent cloth

The prophecy I had to see
I am the Metatron
the fall I had to testify
my inner me passed by
so I had to comply
I became the Metatron

Winged assailants took their brides
debased their sacred epiphany
brought them on a magic tide
morale screams in agony

The brood giants of morbid form
the nephilim walked the fields
their hunger bended the norm
they gorged their mothers,
the fate was sealed

The prophecy I had to see...


Metatron / Darkwell

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