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Know Me Strong

So you think you know
How it is to be like me
I guess my eyes they show
Me going on with instability
All I feel is frustration
I need a break to regenerate
These wounds are negation
I know that you are sure
That all help is too late

But there is so much more
You have to search inside
I'm just to weak right now
Too weak to unite
My powers

Can you feel it?
I will prove you wrong!

Cause if you see me weak
You should know me strong
If you think I'm weak
You should know this song
You think that I am weak?
You should know me...

Truth comes with falling
Now I know what I mean to you
My tries were calling
For your hand just to make it through
What a bitter deception
To disdain the one that could not suspect
That this hurting rejection
Is a proof for missing respect

Now that there is nothing more
I have to find inside
I feel my strength again
Ready to turn the tide

Dark Age

Know Me Strong / Dark Age

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