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Eden Calling

Abstract believer – who follows will fall
Do you know you true gods inside?
It is us but your mind is so small...

I will make you believe in me
Present impressions are calling for change
Take place for a structure of false dignity
So I suffer you break
We will harvest – the seeds are awake
The conflict size will breed
The upcoming demise creation
We will pay for the lies...
Eden where is Eden?
I've been searching so long...
Eden what is Eden
My heart can't be wrong...
Dreams for you weak lives
Will you make them come true?
When Eden is calling
Calling for you...

Fake of visions
And deny of prophecies
We know it all
Forgotten is what let us see
Concrete is what men can be
Estranged perfection
Comes with sanity
So you suffer
I broke
The seeds we harvest are
Sick and without hope
Your conflict size has bred
The upcoming demise creation?
To high is your price...

Dark Age

Eden Calling / Dark Age

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