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Fearing Tomorrow

The distance will take time
And we are tired of dreaming awake
No place for us to shine
No one these days
Could now take
Will we learn from
What tomorrow will be
Heal this fucking world from it's brutality
Frustration thrills every night
But what sense would it make
To give up our fight...

Tired of tries
Sick of waking up with
Tears in my eyes
Never I will not follow
I won't wake up
Because I am fearing

Lost in a static motion
And elevating the abhorrent pretence
The guarantor for social erosion
Has become the most
Ghastly and massive
Offence heatrless seem the days
Pretending to be something new
The better need for sensation
Have objected the tears of my whole generation...

Dark Age

Fearing Tomorrow / Dark Age

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