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Killing Crises

Heavy killing new and sick vibrations now
A situation is awiting the truth
This is a moment that will never ever
Again allow you to be a part of my discouraged youth
Waiting for my downfall
I am here to make you recall
My memories will take you to what I have been though
Let me show you what is left inside
It was that institution as your last solution
I was to weak to fight the coming tide
Forced to feel a suffering
I have become a lifeless thing

Breaking on through with I am into
My self escaping from the cause I need a
Heart that is able to heal
Because I have lost what makes me feel

Darkness tonight in a world I cannot
Fight these are the killing crises
And they are coming straight from you...

It was the process of awaiking what has slept inside
The thrilling point of no return
I have recovered my strenght that did for too long hide
Forgive your self for what you did never learn
Fuck you for you presence
And for destroying my life's sense...

A psycopathic youth?
I was dreaming of hope
And searching for truth now I can see
That I will never be free
And still I am more that you will ever be...

No, you won't hurt me
No, no, you won't hurt me this time
No, you won't hurt me
No, no, you won't hurt me this time...

Dark Age

Killing Crises / Dark Age

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