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King Of Tragedy

Magic rides to the future king
The Gods of war sent all their sins
While the dragons still flying
He saw his warriors dying
Forever he keeps his heart warm of desire and hope
Fighting the shadowlands mighty storm

All alone on his throne holding powers unknown
Seeking wisdom of Gods and the will to carry on
In his eyes you can see he's his own enemy
Behold King Of Tragedy

In his castle of ancient times
Overlooking horizons wide
The angel of his life he thought he'd found
But tragedy was set to be abound
Her heart was the one thing she could never give to him
Lonely as so many times before

All alone...

Alone with his mighty golden sword
He will conquer and be the lord
Obey the king of your land
And fight the blood from your hand

Once he ruled all his lands with a firm ironhand
Not a queen by his side never knew the reason why
At the end of the tale I now finally see
That the tragic king is me
All alone on my throne once held powers so strong
Searched for wisdom of Gods and the will to carry on
In my eyes you can see peaceful rest finally
Behold King Of Tragedy


King Of Tragedy / Axenstar

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