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Riding Alone

Shadows darken my head
I can't remember well
Yesterday, I was a quiet woman!

Why did I have to see it?
Why must I live while my people have been cruelty killed?
Damned white men, that said to be our friends
Have betrayed our race!

They took from me all!
I hate them!
I want...
Revenge, revenge invades my soul!

Riding alone, without a course...
Drum sound is in me
And it will go on!
Riding alone, I wish...
That the spirit of wind would protect me
With "his" warm cloak

We revere the "earth" and we've been vanguished by
Other men that only want to posses "her"
We are worthy of respect and we've been treated like savages
In a cowarldy way!
There are too many indians dead
Too much blood sheds in vane!
They took from me all!
I have them! I want...
Revenge, revenge invades my soul!

Freedom! Freedom is all my soul long for!

Flying with my horse, I'm not alone
Every sunset reminds me my home
Only a thing I know, I'm free!

Neither greed nor violence
Can take away my brothers' souls!


Riding Alone / Arwen

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