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No Deeper Meaning

Too tough to be denied got to keep my stride

As I take you for a ride

The rhythm and the beat and the rhyme must coincide

Be rehearsed and tired

Can't come off soft I gotta come off

I like the spotlight like a moth

Enjoy being seen but I have to stay correct

To be the man that you select

The one you choose when the blues begins to confuse

All your dent's and do's

I make the rules and I am setting the path

Stating my case while I move the place

Gonna win the race and I'll tell you face to face

The J is the ace

Possessing all the elements that are needed

And you can't beat it

No no no I don't want a deeper meaning

In any song I'm dancing to

No no no I don't want a deeper meaning

All I want to do is dance with you

Let's take a stroll get on a roll

What I'm taling about is to fold body and soul

I gotta grip so grab a hold

If you think that I can fit the mold

Never ending no pretending or descending

We're gonna rock from the beginning

Party full speed ahead

Wake the dead

You gotta dish those lead

Feet that make you walk like a person that stutters talk

You gotta be swift like the hawk

Forever on the dancefloor drenched in sweat

Cause I'm the man the set

The stage threw you into a rage

Took you out your cage and out you into a daze

Now you're out there dipping not slipping

And I'm through hipping

Culture Beat

No Deeper Meaning / Culture Beat

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