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 Aghora Aghoraпрогрессив- металлическая группа


Are you there to haunt me?
Imposing ways to rule my world?
Are you there guiding me?
Why do you hide?

Feel you close inside my breath
taunting me with my own eyes
secretly I hide my face
why do you stare?

Perplexed by the things you say
failing with your selfishness
can't you be the one to see
don't bother me

Jealousy ruins through your veins
blaming me for all your stains
Why do you live to die?
die to live

Caged inside form
raged by your norms
wasting life's dream

Is this what you want?
I can't believe it'd be your dream
my love won't let go
it only will be time before you see.


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