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 abscess abscessэлектронная группа

Sink, Drown, Die

Senses raped
Darkness Muttering
Strangling, Cluttering
At your mind
Reeling from the unseen horror
Lurking underneath you'll find
A door past madness
Black and true
Chocking back atrocities
Lost within a Tortured Ocean
Doomed to sink eternally

To Fuck What Can't be Fucked
To Crush What Can't be Killed
TO Slash What Cannot Bleed
TO Drown in Blood Unspilled

Hear the voices Unrelated
To the world in whcih you live
Vile murder spitting tongues
Once seduced
You can't forgive yourself
and all the Blackened gloom
Clogging out your living veins
Twisted into futile knots
Living to be cast in pain


Sink, Drown, Die / abscess

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