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Lunatic Whore

She hobbled on in from the shitty street
Dirt and filth on the tops of her feet
Nuthouse gown on her lumpy frame
Head to toe in vericose veins

She spread her legs to show her nappy hair
Saw a rolled up paer towl tampon in there
Dead fish pie produced a reek of death
Two minutes later it was on my breath

Bent her over. saw her crusted ass
Put my face in close and caughter a wisp of gas
Shit streaked sight my eyes beheld
Had to lick it clean while my organ swelled
Threw her makeshift tampon on my dirty floor
and fucked that lice infested lunatic whore
Roast beed lips around my filthy cock
When it was over plugged her hole with my sweaty sock


Lunatic Whore / abscess

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