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Madhouse At The End Of The World

Punishment for Birth Smoking Dust of Doom
Rows of Skulls as Drums
Wounds Begin to Bloom
Prepare for Passage
For Journey Past Your Deepest Hell
Drowning in Darkness
March to the Suicide Bell

Bleed Through the Caverns of Worlds upon Worlds
As Your Madness is Set and Your Sentenced Unfurled
So Get Down on your Knees and Look up to the Sky
For it Never was there and You're born to Die

Drug From the Living Thrown Don to the Dead
Your Resistance Pathetic There's Worms in Your Head
And Your Wrists have been Severed and Bled to the Drop
As Your Eyes looking Skyward See Visions of Naught

Basnished to Woe
Sewn to Disease
Explode into Spasms
Never to be Free Again


Madhouse At The End Of The World / abscess

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