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Stay The Course Part 2

(Live In London)

You're not born to beg somebody
you're not a great big lie.
You know, you need somebody
who is gonna' taking your high
You know what you need
do you know what you can get
down and out in the street
white sheets in a cold sweat.

Shout it out, shout, stay the course,
shout it out, shout,
don't beg someone just to give
shout it out, shout,
them all down, it's a great relief
if you don't beg somebody just to live.

An eye for an eye and a tooth
for a tooth only say good bye
before you're bound to loose,
and than when you have to hit
the road. Shout

Zed Yago

Stay The Course Part 2 / Zed Yago

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